The Gentlemen – Hair Style Advice from Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

The Gentlemen – Hair Style Advice from Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie’s latest film hit the big screen on New Year’s day, and we’ve already had queries about getting Barber’s advice on the hairstyles of the movie’s biggest stars – so if you want to get Matthew McConaughey’s hairstyle, CharlieHunnam’s haircut, or Henry Golding’s hairstyle, read on for tips and guidance from the team at Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia.

The Gentlemen 2020

Best barbershop London: The film centers around Matthew McConaughey’s character, Mickey Pearson – An American businessman who has built up a successful marijuana empire in London. Fitzrovia barbershop, When Mickey decides to sell off his business, Barber Euston: his competitors come up with schemes and plots to overthrow him and steal it from beneath him. The film also stars Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, and Eastenders legend Dean Gaffney.

Matthew McConaughey hairstyle - The Gentlemen

Mickey Pearson is an American businessman slash drug lord, with a hugely successful marijuana empire. Bringing all of his usual charm and style to the character, Matthew McConaughey looks as suave as ever. 

How to get Matthew McConaughey hairstyle from the movie The Gentlemen – Advice from Michael based at Pall Mall BarbersFitzrovia

We spoke to our best barbers in Fitzrovia about how to get the hairstyles from the movie. 

What should I ask the Barber for?

Matthew McConaughey has a similar hairstyle for a few years now. If you are looking to get Matthew McConaughey’s haircut, then ask your Barber for a medium-length square cut, with enough hair to move around and graduate the lengths. 

How do I style Matthew McConaughey’s haircut from The Gentlemen?

This style is straightforward to maintain and produce because the only thing you have to do is to dry your hair with a towel and add some sea salt spray! I recommend Pall Mall Barbers Sea Salt Spray for perfect hold and to add volume to the curly to make it look more natural. If you want even better results, use a hairdryer and finish with the hairspray.

Barber’s advice for hairstyling Matthew McConaughey – Dos and Don’ts 

The most important thing about this haircut – during the cut at least – is that your Barber should use scissors on wet hair. Afterward, you’ll want to keep your hair hydrated with conditioner while showering. I recommend Pall Mall Barbers Argan Enriched Conditioner for Men, a luxurious argan enriched conditioner for vitality and luster. It was explicitly designed to improve the shine and strength of the hair.

Dimitry- Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

Part of the best barbershop near Goodge Street, Dimitry joins us having worked in high-end barbershops in Greece for the past 5 years – where he counted many influential politicians and footballers amongst his regular clients. He considers precision to be the most crucial part of barbering work and as such tends to favor working with scissors, but he’s skilled with clippers and well-established when it comes to trimming and shaping beards. Dimitris likes to build long-term relationships with his clients and says it’s the best part of being a barber – as is seeing the smile on a client’s face when they’re happy with their haircut!

Find out more about Dimitry.

Fitzrovia barbershop: He’s risen quickly as a talented barber, cutting the hair for the Greek National Football team and Olympia, London barbershop, as well as demonstrating haircuts in hair festivals with vast crowds of spectators and barbers. He’s obsessed with football, obviously – and is an Arsenal supporter. Barber Fitzrovia, Away from the chair, Best barbershop London, Dimitris spends his time socializing with his friends and hunting for and styling vintage clothing. He also loves traveling to Greece and exploring the islands and enjoying good food.

Dimitry’ Top Tip

Pall Mall Barbers Shampoo is excellent – it leaves the hair feeling fresh and revitalized, with a high shine. And what’s even better is it can be used on all hair types.

Charlie Hunnam’s hairstyle – The Gentlemen

Charlie Hunnam- The Gentelmen
Charlie Hunnam plays Raymond, known as the Consigliere – a character who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, even looking totally dapper.

How to get Charlie Hunnam’s hairstyle from the movie The Gentlemen – Advice from Nykos based at Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

How do I style Charlie Hunnam’s haircut from The Gentlemen?

Barber near me: First, you should use some clay or sea salt spray through the length of the hair to provide hold – Barber Fitzrovia, after that, take a brush and a hairdryer at medium heat to dry the hair back, keeping it smooth. To add some volume at the top, roll the brush with the hair. London barbershop, To finish, use a light application of paste or some hairspray.

Barber’s advice for hairstyling Charlie Hunnam – Dos and Don’ts

Best barbershop London: Don’t cut your hair short, always keep it hydrated with a daily conditioner after you wash with shampoo, and use a styling clay or paste.

Find out more about Nykos.

Nykos has been a professional barber for 4 years now, getting his start in the barbering world at the tender age of 13. Working at a traditional barbershop in one of the most affluent areas of Athens, he’s also been called upon for private haircuts in Mykonos and in luxury hotels, villas, and yachts. Describing barbering as an art form, Nykos says to become the best takes a lot of dedication and passion. He’s brilliant with skin fades, pompadour styles, and sharp looks, as well as traditional wet shaving
Best barbershop London: When he’s not cutting the hair of footballers and affluent gents from all over the world, Nykos loves to train in the gym, travel, and meet new people. He’s also a self-described foodie and enjoys trying new cuisines from all over the world, as well as photography and reading.

Henry Golding’s hairstyle – The Gentlemen

Henry Golding, fresh from leading roles in Last Christmas and Crazy Rich Asians, plays Dry Eye – a rival gangster who wants in on Pearson’s empire. 

How to get Henry Golding’s hairstyle from the movie The Gentlemen – Advice from Michael based at Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

The Gentlemen – Hair Style Advice from Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie’s latest film hit the big screen on New Year’s Day. We’ve already had queries about getting Barber’s advice on the hairstyles of the movie’s biggest stars. So if you want to get Matthew McConaughey’s hairstyle, Charlie Hunnam’s haircut, or Henry Golding’s hairstyle, read on for tips and guidance from the team at Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia.

What should I ask the Barber for?

Best barbershop London: Henry’s hair is worn in the classic slick back look, that is easy to maintain. If you want to wear your hair just like Henry Golding’s character in the Gentlemen, but don’t know what to ask for, it couldn’t be simpler: ask your Barber to give you a 3 back and sides, medium height fade, and slick back style on the top. 

How do I style Henry Golding’s haircut from TheGentlemen?

London barbershop: You don’t want to have too much length left on top, but just enough that you can slick back. For you to create the style at home, you should warm a small amount of wax between your fingertips, then apply to dry hair, running fingers through the hair from front to back and shaping the nose into the desired position. Fitzrovia barbershop For hold, you should finish off with a small amount of hair spray.

Barber’s advice for hairstyling Henry Golding’s– Dos and Don’ts

While the slick back look is very versatile and allows you to style your hair in many different ways, if you have a receding hairline the slick again will make it seem more obvious.

Michael – Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

London barbershop: A barber for over 10 years, Michael has joined the best barbers near Baker Street with plenty of experience, previously working at a gent’s salon in Wimbledon. He’s particularly skilled at short fades and is also a talented wet shaver – he’s known for his work with beard styling and trimming too. His personal service is a total restyle, to help people find the best look for their facial features and hair type and says that helping people find themselves in a restyle means they leave happy and want to come back time and time again. He built himself a loyal following in his old salon with lots of a-list footballers and celebs in his client list and will surely become popular in our barbershop near Oxford Street.

More About Michael

Michael says he likes to keep up with the football (but only when it’s not nice outside) and enjoys extended holidays and traveling. He’s recently spent a month and a half in Sri Lanka and enjoys exploring the jungle as much as chilling on the beach.

Best Barber Shop Fitzrovia 

Pall Mall Barbers – Fitzrovia

Pall Mall Barbers –Fitzrovia for Men’s Haircuts, Beards & Wet Shaves. You only get one shot at a first impression, how will you take yours? This is Alex, he came to our Fitzrovia barbershop needing touches of magic to turn his messy bed-head look into something smart and stylish. Our Oxford Street near barbers was on hand to make it happen for him! After relaxing into our legendary leather chair and letting out a sigh of relief, Alex discussed his desired look with the London barber. You can see the happiness warm up inside him as the best Barber in London starts performing. Here at the best barbers, Oxford Street has ever had, we don’t just serve you, we spoil you.

Make Your First Impression, Count!

Our the premium salon is known as the best barbershop Marylebone has ever had and if you should find yourself searching for barbers near me or best barbersMarylebone, you should know that we exist, and we blow all other salons out of the way with our experience, expertise, and establishment. As a brand, Pall Mall Barbers have been around for nearly 125 years and have spread Pall Mall Barbers trimming talent across the city, around the UK and even overseas. We know what we’re doing, and we welcome you to try the best barbershop London has ever known. Most people type the words ‘Men’s Haircuts Marylebone ’ and expect to immediately discover the best Barber Marylebone has to offer. Evidently, that’s true, since you’ve landed here and we are undoubtedly the provider of the most exceptional men’s haircuts Marylebone has ever had.

Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

Thankfully, we are here to stay so you guys searching for ‘Men’s Haircuts Goodge Street’ or ‘Best Barbers near Me’ have somewhere you can rely on and relax in. Some years ago, Pall Mall Barbers set out on a mission to create the best Barber Marylebone has ever had. After walking around the area, we quickly realized that there was no other deliverer of men’s haircuts Marylebone could be proud of because they couldn’t match the quintessential, high quality, British service that Pall Mall Barbers offer. Regent’s Place is nestled nicely between significant tube stations and is only a nice 3-minute walk from our emporium of barbering. Most people type the words ‘Barbers near Regents Place’ or ‘Barbers near Baker Street’ and expect to be met with a page full of excellent options, but in reality, there is just one, and it’s the one you’ve fortuitously found yourself on.

Best Haircuts by Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia

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Having conquered most of the city with our exceptional grooming experiences, we decided to raise the standards of barbering in this district, crowning ourselves the best Barber Euston has ever had. In order to see what makes our services the best men’s haircuts Goodge Street has to offer, you have to come in and be treated yourself. Before you do that, you can take a look at what our customers think of us on Google. By searching for us, you’ll notice that we have almost 600 reviews and an average ranking of 4.8 out of 5. It’s especially pleasing, as a business claiming to be the best Barber Soho has ever had, to see our statements supported by the people who matter – our customers. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted warmly like a member of our family, and one striking aspect of our experience will meet you immediately – the scents!

Pall Mall Barbers London

The aroma is slightly refined because our products are premium and gorgeously flavored to create a scintillating experience for everybody in the room. Aside from the ambiance and the air, the jovial, friendly atmosphere in our barbershop in Goodge Street is something that our artisan craftsmen and women create through their personalities. Anybody who is part of the team at the best Barber Marybone has to offer, ought to represent the quality of the brand in their charisma and conversation – and they certainly do that! Knowing how to navigate the fine line between too much talking and awkward silence is a handy social skill that all our hairdressers possess. Not only are they excellent at helping you feel at home, but they are also well versed in their role as the architect of your ideal appearance.

PMB gives men the confidence to succeed and achieve their goals in their stride

What makes us the best Barber London has ever had?

A trawl through London’s archives will help you discover that the Pall Mall Barbers near Baker Street a brand can trace its heritage of hairdressing way back to 1896. We’ve been serving the city’s gentlemen with impeccable services for almost 125 years, and we’re not stopping any time soon – you can expect us to treat you with the best men’s haircuts Baker Street has ever seen. Since Pall Mall Barbers humble beginnings, Pall Mall Barbers have expanded city-wide, nation-wide, and worldwide. One of our best-loved locations is this one, and it’s one of our favorites too – the grand architecture of the district, the esteemed gentlemen who pass through, and the relaxed lifestyle are all a perfect match for Pall Mall Barbers.

Best barbershop London: Having such a fantastic history means we are continually working to ensure that our legacy remains intact. Pall Mall Barbers aren’t stopping in terms of evolving the way we operate, we will always innovate and try to find new ways to impress and add value to our customers’ in-store and after-care experience. 
Fitzrovia barbershop; However, some traditional elements are enshrined in our story and are here to stay. Barbers FitzroviaOne of those things can absolutely be found in our store, and it is our classic wet shaveBarber EustonBesides the products becoming more premium and the razors being superior quality, how we deliver this treatment is with tradition in mind. Barbershop near meEverything we do at our salon, must provide you, London barbershop the customer, with the best experience – that’s why we take time with our services and ensure you’re enjoying it.


London barbershop: Whether you’re looking for something new or just want a better version of your ‘usual,’ getting your hair cut and styled is a big deal. Fitzrovia barbers; It’s going to have an impact on how you feel, how you’re perceived, and it’s something we take seriously. Hair is our art and craft, it’s our science and business too – this means when you enter Pall Mall Barbers Place to experience the best men’s haircut, Soho has to offer, you can rest assured that you’re coming into a place where your head is in safe, experienced hands. We’ll discuss your desired look, offer some advice, and then execute the perfect cut and style!

Beard Styling

Best barbershop London: Facial hair needs styling too! Getting your beard trimmed, shaped, and sharpened is a great way to add definition and character to your appearance. Fitzrovia barbers: With steady, experienced hands and a keen eye for style, Barber near me, Pall Mall Barbers store is staffed with experts who can design your beard like an artist creating a masterpiece.


Fitzrovia barbershop: As mentioned, the classic wet shave is one of our star services because we’ve been doing it for so long and refined it to perfection. Fitzrovia barbersNothing beats the feel of our luxurious foam and the refreshing swipe of Pall Mall Barbers sharpened blades, as they groom your face to end. You’ll feel rejuvenated, reenergized, and ready to roll!

What’s the Address of The Best Barbers Fitzrovia Has Ever Seen?

Best barbershop London: You’re always welcome in for a chat, but booking an appointment is advised because we’re so popular. I guess that’s what comes with being the provider of the best men’s haircuts Baker Street has ever had! Bravado aside, we’d love it if you came in, experienced Pall Mall Barbers treatments, and gave us your feedback. Hearing and reading about your opinions about Pall Mall Barbers services are great ways for us to grow as a hairdressing family and an excellent way for us to provide you with an even more polished experience next time!
Pall Mall Barbers care about building a community. The team in our shop enjoys having fun, social relationships with the gents who they have the pleasure and privilege of serving. When Pall Mall Barbers visit us, don’t be shy to have a chat and really discuss your appearance goals in detail if you want to – it’s what we’re here for!

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